ENTRY - HELLO Non-slip doormat in natural coconut fiber with water resistant prints 27x70 cm

Non-slip doormat in natural coconut fiber with water-resistant acrylic prints, ENTRY - HELLO model.

The classic plain-colored coconut doormat gives way to this model: modern and original!

Resistant and excellent as a barrier against dirt, it keeps the entrance to the house clean with taste. Also suitable for placing on steps thanks to its particular size.

With non-slip pvc bottom, washable by hand, no ironing and no bleaching.

One size 27x70cm, green print color.


Composition: 100% Natural coconut fiber;

Manufacture: mechanical loom;

Bottom: non-slip pvc

Maintenance: hand washable, no spin, no bleaching.

Drawings made with bright and water-resistant acrylic colors.


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